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General information

Bureau for Certification (BC) is an independent section of INOVA Technical Innovation Centre. Bureau for Certification audits products with respect to regulations obligatory in underground and open pit mining.

Certification area:

machines and installations: mining equipment, mining hand operated equipment, drilling machines, mining support, props, mining hoist machines, hydraulic power stations;

electronic and electrical products: switching and controlling panels, box switching panels, contactor sets, controlling boards, controlling panels, distribution boards, radio communication devices, telecommunication and alarm assemblies.

Products auditing

For certification can apply deliverers (producers, importers, installers, distributors) of products made in Poland and overseas, as well.

BC audits products with respect to obligatory certification modules involving:

  • documentation inspection,
  • examination of process technology with respect to process repeatibilty,
  • product full examination,
  • audit of distributor quality system

Certification procedure

Product deliverer (or authorised agent) applying for certificate can be at any time informed on certification procedure in the course of talks, or is delivered with written information in the form of client's guide-book. Before actual certification process deliverer is informed with full particulars on the process, deliverer's rights and responsibilities. Certification completion time does not exceed 30 days. Issued certificate is of unlimited duration, or is valid for three years.