Products certification

Bureau for Certification (BC), having Accreditation Certificate No 101 issued by Polish Centre for Accreditation, is a section authorised in Polish quality system.

For certification can apply deliverers (producers, importers, installers, distributors) of products made in Poland and overseas, as well.

BC conduct product certification process in accordance with types 3, 1 a and 1b of product certification schemes.

Certification process conducted under scheme type 3 includes testing and surveillance. The surveillance includes periodic assessment of the production process.

This type of product certification schemes includes:
  • selection,
  • determination of characteristics by testing or assessment,
  • initial assessment of the production process as applicable,
  • review of the test and assessment reports,
  • decision on certification,
  • issuing a certificate and licensing,
  • surveillance by testing or inspection of samples from the factory and assessment of the production process.
Scheme type 1b involves the certification of the whole batch of products. Testing can include testing of all the units in the batch.

Scheme type 1a – one sample of the product are subjected to the determination activities (testing). A certificate of conformity is issued for the product type.

In surveillence time owner of the certificate may apply for extension of validity or the skope of certificate. Certificate may by also withdraw or suspended - on deliverer application (in first case) or by BC.

Application for certification

Product deliverer (or authorised agent) applying for certificate can be at any time informed on certification procedure in the course of talks, or is delivered with written information in the form of client's guide-book and "certification application form".

Before actual certification process deliverer is informed with full particulars on the process, deliverer's rights and responsibilities.

Certification completion time does not exceed 30 days from date of registration of complete "certification application form" without period of time that will be given to deliverer for completing or improving the documentation.

Issued certificate - EC type-examination certificate or certificate of conformity - is of unlimited duration, or is valid for three years from the date of issue and on deliverer application may be issued for consecutive periods of time.